Foshan furniture factory of birch furniture maintenance method

by:KNK     2020-08-29

birch because it is not easy to corrode and consequently be used to make furniture with very durable, but our birch furniture if it is not a good maintenance is also very easy to broken. Then on the birch furniture maintenance method. 1, when clean birch furniture, we want to use soft cloth to clean down the furniture texture, and on soft cloth dipped into best cleaner, do not use dry cloth to wipe, directly to avoid cut birch furniture. 2, avoid using alcohol and gasoline or other chemical solvent except the stain. Furniture surface stains, if any, never tried hard to clean, available tea remove stain gently warm, wait until after the water evaporation on the original parts with a little light wax, and then lightly mill try several times to form a protective film. 3, hard to avoid scratch furniture, we don't will be hard in everyday items on birch furniture, prevent it from scratch furniture, also don't let the knock against the furniture, at ordinary times when cleaning should pay attention to, don't let the furniture. 4, to avoid the wet environment, the summer, such as indoor flood tide, the appropriate use of thin rubber gasket separates furniture from the ground contact area, at the same time keep the furniture parts against the wall with wall of 0. 5 - Cm distance gap. 5, to stay away from heat source in the winter, so don't put it in the air conditioning or heating in mouth, loss of moisture, otherwise will make the furniture and cracking. And we will not overheat items on top of birch furniture must put a layer of insulation pad, scalded in case of furniture. 6, birch furniture not long exposure to the sun, the sun when we can be in the window curtains.

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