Foshan furniture factory maintenance of myth

by:KNK     2020-08-27
We use to let furniture
life time longer, will be to maintain their own furniture, but we may notice in maintenance, so the maintenance of furniture error, so as to cause damage to furniture, so maintain the home have what mistake? The foshan furniture factory to tell you. Foshan furniture factory tell you maintain a myth: put the furniture in the sunlight, it will make the wooden material craze, cortex will sun crack, if is cloth art furniture will tan fade, FaJiu thereby. So the furniture should be placed where no ventilation and the sun. Foshan furniture factory tell you maintain erroneous zone 2: hard pull drag when handling, we are in the process of moving furniture and furniture to should take put down gently, at the same time if uneven ground to leg cushion, in case of damaged mortise and tenon joint structure. Foshan furniture factory tell you maintain myth 3: don't put furniture is put in is too wet, otherwise woodiness furniture expansion moldy easily. Foshan furniture factory tell you maintain error 4: do not wash with water or made of rag agglutination furniture, do not put in alkaline soak, preventing plywood glue or come unglued. Foshan furniture factory tell you maintain error 5: don't be placed above the wardrobe furniture such as heavy items, or it will cause deformation of the wardrobe, cupboard door bulges, lax.

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