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Formaldehyde is equal to zero formaldehyde? In fact is just marketing gimmicks

by:KNK     2020-08-19

in May last year liu in a custom furniture shop to customize the full set of furniture, put furniture in the home in August, thinking of air over a period of time to live in the past, when moving to a new home at the end of September, she found her door open will be able to smell a pungent flavor. Then, liu invited specialized company for testing the coma now closed environment, advocate lie the formaldehyde to 0. 36, children room is 0. Inside there was 2 66, and the wardrobe. Three four, respectively is the national standards. 6 times,. 6 and 24 times. Liu said she that attracts when buying furniture 'E0 board close to zero, the European environmental standards, formaldehyde emission, no odor, decorate namely check-in' such words. Through investigation and found that a lot of buying furniture will be attracted by this message, then formaldehyde is equal to zero no formaldehyde? Actually zero - formaldehyde is just a marketing gimmick to attract consumers, real products is almost zero formaldehyde does not exist, although some manufacturers say with tasteless water-based paint or use the zero formaldehyde wood oil, or solid wood furniture, although these basically does not contain formaldehyde, but in the furniture production technology of multi-channel in order to prevent wood rotting and adding additives, which will contain formaldehyde. E0 grade plank and we said it's not free of formaldehyde, just the content of formaldehyde is small. Sometimes when a single detection of furniture we found formaldehyde releases a quantity unqualified, but when put together, it may be that the superposition of furniture, or there are other products the release of formaldehyde in the home. But don't think furniture formaldehyde will damage our body, only too much inspiratory formaldehyde is in danger, and the free formaldehyde content of formaldehyde will cause damage to human body, so we when choosing furniture must choose sealed good furniture, such furniture formaldehyde release a quantity will be greatly reduced.

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