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Feet warm start carpet of choose and buy strategy in winter

by:KNK     2020-08-02

as the saying goes, feet warm warm all over, so in the cold winter we can choose a carpet for yourself, no cold feet, so that our whole body will feel warm. So if choose gong of a good carpet? Here we introduce one by one.

winter warmth from the soles of the feet start carpet of choose and buy strategy

before we choose carpet, to clear the location of the carpet and the size of the need, at the same time also need to determine what material to the carpet, the carpet material including wool carpets, woven carpets and chemical fiber carpets. The carpet of different material characteristics are different. Like the material of wool carpet is soft and comfortable good elasticity, and warmth retention property is good, but it is easy to breed mite, so the best wool carpet below chemical fibber carpet on the shop, so easy to clean. And the comfort of woven carpet and flexibility is also very good, but is is likely to rub off. Chemical fibber carpet stain resistant, flame retardant and antistatic effect, but the relative difference some comfort and flexibility.

choose the material of carpet, we need to determine the design and color of carpet, based on the design and color is good and we decorate color photograph collocation, make its and decorate a style to bring out the best in each other, can reflect master good taste at the same time. The color of the carpet and design and color is not as long as and decorate a style to match, even at the same time let's you like. Placed in the sitting room carpet is to choose the best design is bigger, smooth lines, and if it is in the bedroom, that is about to choose pattern is smaller, and the best of the colour of simple but elegant. Restaurant will need to choose multifarious pattern, it helps cover the stains.

the last is the composition of family members can help us to solve the choice of carpet material, indoor have a wheelchair or children's car can choose chemical fibber carpet. If is all young people can choose woven carpet, but if there are older people can choose wool carpet. But the choice of carpet material or see individual be fond of of

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