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Fashion that fit the good parts process of stainless steel screen taste

by:KNK     2020-10-14
Sitting room and dining-room is connected, this also is the soul of the whole apartment design. Black and white lines and colors to use large area, let black titanium stainless steel screen in the living room metope, curtain of even each small decorative corner. And the cow print puzzles that hand-picked by the hostess in the bedroom, lily mirror tea table, carpet over modern furniture such as the size of white leather sofa, and the streets of the classic flavor to elegant woman poet romantic level. If the design core of living room is built on two areas of exchange and the fusion, the privacy is indispensable spiritual harbor master. Goodwife hope to have an independent and open private workspace to accommodate her design ideas, so the overhead in the living room of the workshop was born in their imagination. So to create a cylindrical stainless steel partition and the curve of the futuristic desk, so our fashion female designers in serving her inspiration and thoughts. The Angle of the light and soft lines of stainless steel screen partition to become the exclusive memory here. After the high noise is quiet comfortable apartment. It not only applies to the Chinese hotel restaurants, also suitable for family decoration, it is a beautiful line to the layout of the room and the response, it is traditional flavor combination of decoration style decoration and modern literature. Articles by: stainless steel metal products co. , LTD. , foshan city, screen provides, this view does not represent the home station point of an article: stainless steel screen coating note next: traditional fusion modern American stainless steel screen
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