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Family bedroom decoration and furniture is put the feng shui of common sense

by:KNK     2020-08-11

the bedroom is an important part in our daily rest, when we spent tired to sleep comfortably in the bed of the bedroom, the second day is a fresh day. So the bedroom of feng shui to our influence is very big, bad feng shui will engulf our last a harbor, let we can have a good rest. When we were in the process of decorating the bedroom is not as long as the consideration on the style is tie-in, even when decorate into feng shui knowledge, so when we were in the bedroom decorate what are the bedroom feng shui considerations?

family bedroom is decorated and furniture is put in the feng shui knowledge

1, the shape of the bedroom to founder: when we were in the bedroom decorate must choose founder of space, do not have a bevel edge or polygonal shape, otherwise easy to cause oppression to the person, make people sleep for a long time.

2, must have a bedroom window: bedroom should be equipped with window, in addition to the air to circulate, can light during the day and make people refreshed, and at night the window curtain, should be blocking outdoor noctilucent, makes it easy to sleep.

3, bedroom shoulds not be is made from a bathroom renovation: wet and dirty bathroom itself, if it is changed to the bedroom, can affect morpheus quality, should influence on a person's body and mind.

4, the door of the bedroom is at the door: the bedroom is the place that rest, to be relatively quiet, hidden, and the door is in and out of place, relatively very noisy, so we don't to the door of the gate will make the bedroom is no longer quiet.

5, the head of a bed of the bedroom not facing the door of the bedroom: sleep is quiet stability is better, of course, if we are at the door of the head of a bed, is likely to be awakened, opened the door was so can't sleep well, so detrimental to health.

bedroom of feng shui is certainly depends on furniture put, if you want to make our good feng shui bedroom, so we need to know the bedroom furniture is put to feng shui, so we can know how to put our furniture.

bedroom furniture is put in the feng shui

now the bedroom is not just a place of rest or of the place where we feel the most security and privacy, we are in the bedroom is decorated, must first consider the location of the bedroom, the location of the bedroom must be in the light of appropriate place, can't is too dark, or it will let a person feel depressed in my heart.

the shape of the bedroom had better be square, long the bedroom is not suitable for ventilation, so it is easier for indoor damp. And bedroom door to avoid facing between wei yu, because if on our between wei yu the water after the bath can easily spread to the bedroom, and most of the items of the bedroom is easy to absorb water vapor cloth products, which makes the environment of the bedroom more moist, bedroom door is unfavorable to the door of storeroom, storeroom has kegare more, shelter evil people and practices easily; Bedroom door also should not be two two relatively, this call & other; Door knife evil spirit & throughout; 。

the door of the bedroom is not suitable for directly to the kitchen, prevent the formation of the heat of the kitchen and bedroom convection, and the bed of the bedroom shoulds not be opposite beams, & other; Beam & throughout; Easy to make the person produces oppressive feeling, sleep not safe; Ark of the head of a bed is better to circle, in order to avoid GuiJiao rampaged through the head; Do not stick to the bed, or not ventilation, easy to moisture, cause back pain.

for put the bed of the bedroom, we notice that the head of a bed of the bedroom don't toward the west, in science, because the earth rotates from west to east is, if we head towards the west, the blood will rush on to the top of the head, it makes our sleep not safe, serious can cause damage to health. And the bed is not in front of a mirror, let us rise up and it is easy to be afraid to face yourself in the mirror and lead us to the spirit of restless. At the same time, we put the TV in the bedroom, don't put them to pay attention to is to the bed, make on its side. Bed can't carry the door at the same time, this will make the people outside can you all see clear and no privacy, don't feel safe, can also affect our rest.

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