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Drawer, many more, mobile, and the advantages of simplicity in different products can be done

by:KNK     2020-09-07

in the modern society, metal furniture is the first choice for many families, because the metal furniture nature style, colour to choose the rich thick, kinds of species diversity, have fold results, an aesthetic cost, inexpensive goods. Take each browse below metal glass furniture results of high-end fashion figure.

metal furniture material

1, the green environmental protection. Metal furniture material selection to building process and cut after using, will not bring social resources waste, much less impact on the ecological situation is not friendly, is a product can be repeatedly, grew up in a row of resources;

2, fire prevention, moistureproof, prevent magnetic. Test of metal furniture can bear high flame of fire main, let the loss to a minimum level, moisture is most suited to the characteristics of the south region;

3, results, diversity, saving space. Better due to the strength of cold rolled sheet, metal furniture course bending process of machining many aspects can be satisfied with the results of demand, more drawer, different departments, such as mobile, easy interests in different product all can do it. In addition, many varieties have fold results in metal furniture, the foshan furniture custom factory, not only use up, then, space can also be cut.

the disadvantage of metal furniture

1, good metal furniture wall thickness in 1. 2 - 2. 5 mm, homemade goods about using 0. 5 - 1. 0 mm thick iron pipe;

2, good metal furniture layout all welding mouth grinding smooth, again to electrostatic spraying, and homemade goods is no can take that the ego private industry to give you a polished;

3, normal product to the past oil, pickling, phosphating, punishment, rinse, dust, powder spraying, drying, cooling, packaging, such as the vast process talent to produce a good quality table.

the aftercare of metal furniture

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