Different styles of stainless steel screen design, add beauty to focus on

by:KNK     2020-10-14
A screen, contracted style with ancient color wood as the materials, mature is to express it. The greatest characteristic of this kind of screen is carved on the border, the rest are all wood had the grain, is very simple. Screen extends to the roof, into a special wall that coincide with the wood of the sitting room background wall, there is no acosmia feeling. Although the design of the screen is very simple, but looking at very comfortable, now the faster pace of life, people prefer the simple life. Second, simple and pure and fresh style of pastel pure color screen can always give a person a kind of small and pure and fresh feeling. Under the setting wall of milky white, highlights, quietly elegant is a sitting room so not drab, also don't seem so complicated, simple, very comfortable. Screen with glass as the material, a classic, less energy, the one more point to separate sitting room and bathroom, reduced the space utilization, the design is very unique. Three gorgeous screen, luxuriant style is given priority to with red hue, middle hollow out, make all sorts of design. In the context of golden wall of sitting room through the screen off the bedroom and sitting room, naturally, also have administrative levels feeling. Red under the gorgeous, with a bit of classical, if will be gorgeous and classical pull together, the level feeling suddenly went up. Red screen as opposed to a red wooden door, the overall feeling came out. Four word, elegant style, elegance, and wood products, glass products can't match, the elegant style screen here is adopted the marble material. Marble, natural grain is just like a long skirt is the beauty of the woman in a quiet garden, standing still, is a kind of beautiful scenery, the same, the screen just standing there, is synonymous with elegance. Screen also ornament the marble table of the sitting room, the overall style is very special, quiet but not rigid, elegant and unique. For the hot summer, marble screen comes with the fan function, sent a shudder. Five deep coffee color very classic, classic style, the color of the lumber after screen, thick ShuXiangQi drifts slowly. Across the screen with the bookcase that fit, using the same material; Desk chair color is same as the two, taken together, form the classical themes. Side with the antique picture scroll, all kinds of books is put on the other side, both sides photograph echo, perfect can read in a quiet environment, still can see the screen from time to time, it is a little small indeed fortunate. Actually the design style of screen specific also does not have a specific standard, hope here small make up say there is no limit to your imagination. Maybe you like mix build, just like the feeling of the contrast, it is completely no problem, may be that will is a kind of popular screen style oh. Articles by: stainless steel metal products co. , LTD. , foshan city, screen provides, this view does not represent the home station point of an article: stainless steel screen coating note: next article purchase stainless steel screen need to pay attention to the points
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