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Different furniture maintain little common sense, remember to collect oh

by:KNK     2020-08-20

when many people think that the most difficult is to buy furniture and when decorating, think home decorate good is nothing, the maintenance of the furniture is the most difficult in my opinion, so for the furniture of different material we how should maintain? We will introduce below. Wooden furniture, wooden furniture must be far away from heat and air conditioning blowing, because the wooden furniture inside contain water, in the winter indoor temperature is too high will cause the wooden furniture of moisture loss, make furniture so craze. So we must keep indoor humidity in winter in a certain range. Summer too wet will also increase in the number of water content makes furniture and expansion. Cloth art sofa, cloth art sofa must not be under the sun exposure, but also often clean, not clean for a long time can cause stains on fiber inside can't go out. Leather sofa, leather sofa and cloth art sofa, also not to exposure, and leather sofa to use less water to wipe, otherwise it's easy to leather harden and must be used when cleaning special detergent for cleaning. At the same time in one place we sit together for a long time after time to pat had sat, this can make the life expectancy of sofa. Cany art furniture: cany art furniture mostly gap is bigger, so should always clean up more, if we can use the brush to wipe not their own to scrub, such as to clean bacteria inside the clean. Different furniture maintenance method is different, so we should according to its characteristics and maintenance, not all the furniture of the same maintenance way, otherwise it might not maintenance, but the hurt. If we want to buy furniture, can go to the factory to buy the furniture here are of good quality, price is excellent, and the style of furniture to contracted fashion, there are like can call for consultation.

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