Desk of feng shui is put right

by:KNK     2020-08-04

is the place where we used to study and office desk, the desk with office or learning efficiency increased efficiency, can help us get twice the result with half the effort effect. So what's the put desk feng shui? Let's put on the desk is the most suitable for feng shui. The feng shui of

desk placement method

1, the desk is best suited to finally have to rely on, so we should not have disturbed, in the back of the order to avoid to be possible, to make our study more efficient, and behind by shows that we are in business or learning with help, can help us to learn and progress.

2, desk most suits to put in wenchang. Most appropriate placed on the desk in wenchang bits as the study of wenchang bits, fengshui call & other; Wenchang house and wenchang throughout the &; Pattern of feng shui, natural complement each other, make the function of wenchang star multiply, like the icing on the cake, Italian fame fortune. If the conditions, wenchang party cannot be used as a study, that came up on the desk in wenchang a remedy, it is & other; Would not be sitting in wenchang room, sit wenchang throughout &; Feng shui principles, also can accept wenchang ricoeur effect.

3, there is & other best suited to the front desk; Hall & throughout; 。 Front desk should have a space as far as possible, in the face of the hall is relatively broad, appropriate for the door to the outside can into the hall, easy to gas into the bureau, is conducive to the person that reside to sober, quick thinking, broad-minded, easy to succeed. In addition, also can face a window to sit, with broad space for the hall outside the window, also can receive better effect.

4, desk had better pay attention to the pattern of death, for boys, important items best put on the desk on the left, and for girls, put in the right side of the desk is important items.

5, desk busy best put aquatic plants like lucky bamboo, but we are in the best choice when selecting a number one or four, as a representative of wenchang star, and four representative is wanted, so can better help our studies and career.

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