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Design stainless steel screen should focus on four aspects

by:KNK     2020-10-15
Stainless steel screen designers in the design of stainless steel screen need to consider some problems, this also is a stainless steel screen designers must understand the problem, only consider every detail to ensure that the stainless steel screen made after the installation is complete, can play to the advantages of itself. , of course, in addition to design, stainless steel screen at the time of production need attention, especially some titanium plating, bronze do old screen, if color processing is not good, can produce off color, the Yin and Yang, looks very ugly, again good design, production not to come out in vain. So when applied to the design of stainless steel screen, also want to consider whether the actual processing can be done. We all know that the stainless steel screen type belongs to a kind of custom products, it's a big plus is can be design according to the actual use environment. And most of the stainless steel screen are indoors when the design has been designed, and design a suitable stainless steel screen, besides should attach great importance to the beautiful sex of itself, its function, style, put the position, and so on are all need to consider the problem. Only will these problems are considered, can design a suitable stainless steel screen. Below we together to understand what to consider when stainless steel screen design? 1, style design, stainless steel screen design style is varied, European style, Chinese style restoring ancient ways, are the main types, different style can match different indoor decoration. Many also mentioned above, the color of the stainless steel screen. We can according to the stainless steel screen installation environment design style, design and color screen style, style is tie-in, can ensure unity of the whole style, so don't give a person a kind of abrupt feeling, this is also the advantage of the custom. 2, security: stainless steel screen design key is safe, beautiful, stainless steel screen in addition to modelling also can choose a variety of colors, these things are all design you need to understand before, only to understand the production technology of stainless steel screen, to ensure that stainless steel screen more artistic, and more safety. 3, put the position: stainless steel screen placement in the design, in addition to take into account the overall actual usage, consider the problem of feng shui. We all know that screen is one of the important in ancient China, furniture, many families will be placed in the home screen before. Mainly stainless steel screen placement if reasonable, can adjust the aura of the room, stop ShaQi. Also let's take an example, a family room door direct to the balcony, actually this is very bad, will directly lead to the breath of home is outside the door to siphon off, the air here including type, luck, and so on. 4, functional: is the basic function of stainless steel screen can be used to separate the space, but also because itself is hollow-out attributes, this lie between and constant effect for don't need to retain the illicit close space partition is very useful. Especially now, a lot of small family house, sitting room and dining-room are in together, with stainless steel screen, can be the partition, and will not stop sunshine, guarantee on both sides of the sunny. Articles by: stainless steel metal products co. , LTD. , foshan city, screen provides, this view does not represent the home station point of an article: stainless steel screen coating note next article: stainless steel welded pipe screen how to choose
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