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Customized furniture woodworking partner is no longer a dream MIT build AI

by:KNK     2020-09-10

according to foreign media reports, the Massachusetts institute of technology ( MIT) Attached to the machine science and artificial intelligence to try room ( CSAIL) In the mainland released a set of call time on February 28 AutoSaw AI system, as the name suggests have the ability to the automatic sawing wood. According to the known, used a pair of Kuka has discontinued youBots AutoSaw and a course of modified Roomba. The combination of them can probably saw a custom shape wood, and no longer need to use a screwdriver to build. Arthur is the first thing to do in the CAD design itself to furniture, then the AI system to the next all work earnestly. YouBots carefully measure the wood and conform to the location of them under saws, and Rooomba serious surprise instruction and cut out the shape of the increasingly serious. Director of MIT's CSAIL Daniela Rus suggested that fruit has achieved big limitation is dull, but if have the AI, foshan custom software furniture factory, they will be in the manufacture of large limited customization and nature also find potential. 'AutoSaw reveals this potential, it can easily realize carpentry and custom. 'Today modes of life and it is not clear that a set of equipment requires much capability, but think to Kuka youBots already stop production, so its value may be below $30000, while new from iRobot Roomba is only need $900 less than in. AutoSaw project is one of the authors, the white paper doctoral Adriana Schulz, suggested that their policy is to make the household custom became more popular, so people don't need to be tied in ikea the household, on the contrary, hotel furniture, they will be able to have really wanted to object. Other, AutoSaw against some craftsmen also can yet be regarded as a good companion, it could perhaps have eliminated their injured event occurrence probability. At the moment there is only a AutoSaw research platform, is CSAIL on it with wong's growth plan, metal furniture factory, but now it is only a tentative.

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