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Custom stainless steel furniture is really suitable for their comfort

by:KNK     2020-09-08

when the sofa and bed is 'custom' you can buy is still comfortable illusion? ( Fly the FEY sleep customization system, introduced American furniture, through infrared scanning skills for the human body curve data information, determine the differences of bed frames and mattresses and pillows, from multiple dimensions customization sleep before launch 'custom sit sofa' sibutramine household, according to consumer preferences and habits, the cushion can be divided into 'comfortable living', 'comfort', 'ShuChi' three gear, a set of sofa can free combination difference level of hard and soft feeling of sitting in bed can also realize the 'custom' automatically. Blessed sleep sleep 'skeleton' in the system, as an effective support, mattress on the human body on the bed every tiny action accurate support and response when the whole house custom 'condom' into the wardrobe, cabinets, TV ark, soft furniture market is not weakness. In the market to turn in a circle, side of the sofa can according to your sales staff said tailor hard and soft seating, where guide in mattress claims for your comfortable sleep. High sophisticated screening skills, a thick stack of market research data, and touch feel have different experience of dispute, not trying to show: furniture, related to body can also be customized, and is for the man. Hung close signs, carrying the banner of fit, when custom into the sofa and bed, say comfortable experience, after all, for a few minutes? Soft furniture 'tailored', what is the consumer's personal benefits, those merchants are designed which tricks? Day, metal times visit household market, who met home and body related to custom. 【 The invention 】 Surrounded by the 'custom' label all aspects of home sofa bedding can vary from person to person and plate by using space opportunely, custom furniture, the verve and unified nature design and get more and more differences as soon as possible, many software customization product rendering, then put the key words of the lock on the 'fit' and 'comfortable'. 'If cannot choose to belong to itself the mattress, will directly affect the quality of your sleep. '' is suitable for itself is the most comfortable sofa, custom can satisfied your demand more. 'Today, the same rhetoric has incited many consumer waiting to be full of on software product customization. When the custom furniture has surrounded the Thai half of the market, custom, bedding, sofa also began in the consumer side. Pressure sensors, full-body scanners, big data to clarify, operating various methods to get to know each other from your body and mouth demand, according to the 'tailored' for you, so, businesses are under a lot of time. Although, custom, under the market hard every day to fight and consumers close sofa and bed, if not it is also very thing out of the comfort of authenticity. Face from modest sized intrusive, fabric style, to now by the connotation of the experience of choice be customized, consumers in joy, also have to polish eyes clear. 【 Behind the 】 Is the guarantee 'sophisticated' skills should also probably barrier across on the form will be on the high technology of means and unity of the human body is healthy, is introduced into the soft furniture research and development, is not a rare thing. A bracelet can I might measure a small private heartbeat, an instrument is probably know you need what kind of mattress. 'Take it easy to bed for a while, the instrument will automatically record each the ego of the difference between private sleep habits and physical environment. We will design and manufacture according to the data the hardness, strong point difference mattresses. 'In the sales staff mouth, customize a mattress is not too big. Nothing more, also have the mattress industry veteran told 'metal era', 'general pressure sensor agility of mattress at 10 times your excellency, when under the influence of line fold, about three to five times the instrument will lost impregnation. 'There is no doubt that when the equipment is used for measuring sleep pressure loss agility, efficacy is unavoidably exist problems. In fact, many with a device you want to squeeze into the custom size, and find a stunt to attract consumer's brand, mostly just want on the customization of muddy water. Not negative, hard and effective skills support, and still is the guarantee of 'customization' sleep will not less. Professional custom furniture brand fly the United States, has also recently introduced from Germany FEY sleep customization system, applied to produce automobile dealer and airline seats BODYSCAN systemic accurate scanning equipment, through infrared scanning body height, shoulder width, pelvis, neck and other data information, will host a regional differences in the mattress from deployment, precise design support dynamics, for it is snug. Can deal with a lot of consumers, may be products of the sofa basically do some nature of change, already was a 'custom'. On the other side, with more and more demanding consumers deal with comfortable seating, also has a business design provides a variety of soft and hard choices, sit mostly depends on the padding their feeling, comes after all of the products, whether can be called 'custom', the consumer experience will give the answer. Focus on mouth method sibutramine household, also in the recently launched 'custom sit sofa'. Difference is, through the in-depth market research, according to the habit of ik, posture, in view of the different groups such as the elderly, children, sibutramine sit feeling can be divided into 'comfortable living', 'comfort', 'ShuChi' three gear, difference of hardness can be more in the same group of sofa combination.

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