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Custom stainless steel eat desk and chair maintenance skills

by:KNK     2020-07-22

now we are buying custom stainless steel eat desk and chair at the same time, more let us in need a comfortable environment. Stainless steel is known to all eat desk and chair if material in durable, also will be damaged because of the long time of use. And good custom stainless steel eat desk and chair maintenance skills, can effectively prevent the occurrence of this kind of thing. Custom stainless steel eat desk and chair maintenance knowledge is our good partners on diet, cherish it not only save the tide for us old change new spending. The following cleaning and maintenance rules provide you some eat desk and chair.

custom stainless steel eat desk and chair maintenance skills

1, avoid to have a cup of hot water or hot soup, tableware placed directly on the stainless steel table, but should be separated by, cup mat or insulation pad with desktop avoid hard object collisions, so as not to scratch the surface of the stainless steel color or protective layer.

2, as a result of long heat exchanger in desktop, leaving a white circle trace, available at this time cotton on to wipe the camphor oil, like a circle back and forth along the white scale trace to wipe, should be easy to trace.

3, glass, stainless steel table white scale, as long as you go at white dirt pour some oil stains, then wipe off with old socks.

4, to avoid oil contamination is difficult to remove, might as well use of chair cover to protect your love chair, when accidentally dirty, chair cover will be removed to clean, convenient and easy, don't eat chair.

5, if there is water or drink sprinkled on the surface, should use a cotton cloth blot, clear it with mild detergent and soft cloth to wipe dust, reoccupy clear water wipe traces of cleanser, after reoccupy does cloth to wipe;

6, if appear yellow after many days, can dip in with cotton yarn toothpaste wipe gently, again with a clean wet cloth to wipe the toothpaste remnants, use dry cloth to dry;

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