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Custom metal furniture factory is introduced

by:KNK     2020-08-11

now there are a lot of metal furniture, metal furniture, as the name suggests is made of metal furniture and metal furniture at the time of production will with man-made board, tempered glass, marble and other materials with the foshan furniture factory will help you to introduce metal furniture.

metal furniture factory is custom introduced

meaning: metal furniture with metal pipe, plate, or a stick of material as the main structure, such as wood, all kinds of man-made board, furniture made of glass, stone, etc, and completely made of metal furniture, metal materials, wrought iron furniture, generally referred to as metal furniture. People often say that the & other; Steel-wood furniture & throughout; From the concept of professional understanding should be metal furniture, steel-wood furniture just is a kind of metal furniture. Metal furniture is a good way to create a different room in the family need different atmosphere, also can make household more diversified and more full of modern flavor.

metal furniture material: stainless steel, carbon steel, iron, carbon steel pipe or plate, etc. Metal furniture, metal materials used by stamping, forging, casting, moulding, bending, welding and other processing technology can be all sorts of modelling of live. With plating, spraying, apply plastic and other main processing technology of surface treatment and decoration. Metal furniture are usually connected by welding, bolt, pin, and other assembly way, modelling.

the advantages of metal furniture, metal furniture is texture, style and diverse, at the same time we can spray to the metal furniture on our favorite color, make its personality, and a wider range of metal furniture in, can be a metal bed and metal sofa, metal table, tea table, etc. , and metal furniture price is relatively cheap, cheap and fine.

if we want to customize metal furniture, can look to foshan furniture factory, because the foshan furniture factory has its own metal processing plants, production of metal products is guaranteed, at the same time the company is also very advanced metal processing equipment, all imported from abroad, have love can get in touch with the furniture factory.

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