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Cloth art sofa and leather sofa cleaning small coup

by:KNK     2020-08-05

now in the family, every household will buy a sofa, a sofa when dirty at ordinary times we need to clean, and the different way to clean the material is different, then we will look for cloth art sofa and leather sofa cleaning small coup.

cloth art sofa and leather sofa cleaning small coup

the first: the leather sofa clean way to

1, the dry cloth to wipe method: how our sofa surface dust, can gently wipe the surface with a clean towel, wipe go well as long as dust.

2, leather polishing method: we use the leather sofa for a long time will have the feeling of hair black, this time we can in the surface coating of sofa leather polish, so can make sofa leather if brightness is new.

2: clean way of cloth art sofa

1, spray antifouling agent: we can in the new change of the surface of cloth art sofa spray antifouling agent, so can reduce the pollution of dust.

2, wet towel to wipe method: if our sofa is the sofa of suede, surface if there is dirt, can use a wet towel to wipe, then dust has been removed.

3, vacuum cleaners, we must use vacuum cleaner regularly clean cloth art sofa, so can effectively clean the sofa.

4, washing method: cloth art sofa sofa cover can be clean, but we don't get too frequent cleaning, as long as it is good to wash three to four times a year. And cleaning time depends on the material, different material of cloth art sofa cleaning method is different, we'd better choose the dry cleaning, or hand washing.

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