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Clean not crucial for furniture, furniture of myth

by:KNK     2020-08-19

furniture used for a while there will be dust above, this time you need us to clean, but many people when in clean, there is no special attention, use some wrong cleaning method, which hurt our furniture, so what are the pitfalls of common cleaning furniture? We will introduce below. 1, detergent mixture: what material is either the furniture, we all use the same cleaner to clean up, it will make our furniture aging ahead of time, so we when selecting a cleaner must be carried out in accordance with the corresponding cleaner choice, it can thoroughly clean the furniture. 2, use detergent to wash the furniture: detergent, soap, water seems to be a magical, it can wash the dishes, wash the wall, furniture, all-purpose cleaner. In fact this is just we think it can be used, actually cleaner is not everything. There's mastercard & use the wrong cleaning supplies, may cause the furniture 'disfigurement'. Because has the ability of absorbing water, woodiness furniture materials commonly used water to wipe can result in wood will swell, deformation, even mould, not only affect beautiful, more effect to use. Soap and water, detergent and other cleaning supplies is corrosive, furniture often contact the acid and alkaline detergent, paint will become darkened. 3, old clothes when cloth: clothes for a long time the dropped, but some people think waste will be used to rags, but if we choose, also should choose soft clothes and good water imbibition, at the same time before when cloth must be cut out for a part of the cloth. 4, with dry dishcloth wooden furniture, wooden furniture we have dust above, some people with dry dishcloth directly, but there are small particles of dust, so makes furniture desktop scratches, so we best before wiping woodiness furniture with a feather duster first shan, next reoccupy wet cloth to wipe.

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