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by:KNK     2020-10-18
Choose stainless steel screen should not only need professional knowledge, at the same time, also should avoid the following a few basic myth. This article mainly from the style, color, craft, price of four aspects to elaborate the myth of stainless steel screen when the choice, and explain why. A, choose design mistake 1, myth: look at the others of stainless steel screen good, want to make a similar to this. This is now the stainless steel screen professional knowledge don't understand people often adopt a practice. But it often can't choose the right stainless steel screen, because the design of stainless steel screen is basic and hotel decoration style and stainless steel screen culture together. If you have customized this product, there is a strong possibility to reach the adornment result that you need. 2, erroneous zone 2: to achieve with the design of rendering the same, this is the basic idea. It is basically impossible, a fine stainless steel screen when doing renderings, is through the beautification, and real production of the product and rendering certainly have some differences, thus determine whether stainless steel screen made of qualified, products only need to reach more than 80% of the rendering is qualified. 2, 1 color, color error 1: the color of the stainless steel screen must be consistent with specified color. Stainless steel screen or the batch, The same furnace titanium plating) Out of the screen are unlikely to achieve the same color, if not the same batch, color differences may be greater. The other different plating stainless steel screen manufacturer there are differences between the colors are the same standards. So the color of the stainless steel screen as long as don't see clear off color with specified color is qualified. Myth 2 2, color: the color of the stainless steel screen is spraying. Stainless steel screen is generally after plating titanium first, and then sprayed nanostructured paint or painting. If direct spray paint on stainless steel material will be very easy to paint, and color effect. 3, 1, myth: the manufacturing process, manufacturing process, stainless steel screen can be made without fingerprints. Stainless steel screen is not all the products can do without fingerprints, for example, mirror stainless steel screen can't make it without fingerprints, because without the fingerprint is unable to make a mirror effect. 2, making erroneous zone 2: stainless steel screen can be made into a mirror effect. Titanium and rose gold series stainless steel screen mirror effect can make it, but the black titanium, green bronze, red bronze to make wire drawing effect, finally do no fingerprints. 3, making mistake 3: full screen why some parts of the welding not welding. Full welding screen refers to the internal design and main parts of the border for full welding, not all the places are full welding. Because the design of common screen if the spacing is too small, can't full welding on one hand, on the other hand full will deformation after welding of stainless steel screen design. Four, prices mistake 1, myth: design the screen of the more complicated the more expensive. Generally speaking style more complex stainless steel screen more expensive, but the main factors influencing the price of stainless steel screen is processing cost, if the design is complicated, but the design is symmetrical, the price may also be low. 2, the price is erroneous zone 2: modelling the cheaper the more simple. Often make the mistake mainly design company. Because general stainless steel material is often used to screen for the thickness of 1. 0 to 1 mm. Between the 2 mm stainless steel sheet or stainless steel square tube (under 60 * 30. If materials used super is beyond the scope of this design, the price will be high. 3, the price is myth 3: laser hollow stainless steel screen price is higher. Actually laser hollow out the price of stainless steel screen is relatively low, the price range is in commonly 900 yuan to 1600 yuan per square meter. Articles by: stainless steel metal products co. , LTD. , foshan city, screen provides, this view does not represent the home station point of an article: stainless steel screen coating note next article: stainless steel checkered sweet and comfortable environment for you
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