Choose stainless steel flower skills

by:KNK     2020-07-24

like flowers friends are clear, the flowers have more at home, the whole space of the room will look so crowded. This time you need to buy some stainless steel shelf. Stainless steel flower is also applicable to the upscale place such as hotels and luxury villas and miniascape combination to use. Reveal excellent decorative effect. The main way to buy wrought iron flower: flower market, the online store, also can have to the strength of stainless steel company directly. Stainless steel shelf quality currently on the market the quality problem of the widespread degree, mainly concentrated in the following: 1, of raw materials, pay attention to the material specification, cannot use hollow thin-walled profiles, according to the actual need to choose bold material of stainless steel flower, the increase of the material can increase the stability and decorative aesthetic feeling. 2 work, selecting stainless steel flower shelf, attention to details, the details determine the quality, pay attention to when cutting burr beheaded, pay attention to during welding welding slag, etc. , can be seen through the quality of work. 3, look at arc is uniform, flower shape is symmetrical, can be seen through these design is reasonable. 4, stainless steel furniture factory remind everyone pay attention to when buying stainless steel flower paint coating, paint is strong, the coating is reliable, determines the service life of the flower, test method of hanging from a nail a try, ordinary paint crispness flawed, smell not environmental protection. 5, hanging on the wall and install stainless steel under the outdoor window flower, is especially important when the choice, pay attention to the rationality of the installation position, practicality. Above is foshan stainless steel processing company arrange for everybody to choose stainless steel flower several points of the technique, the company specializing in the production processing stainless steel decoration products, if necessary, please contact phone number: 13520150610

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