Children need to pay attention to when buy furniture

by:KNK     2020-08-15

when in choosing the children's furniture always want what's best for their children, but some parents in children furniture purchase don't know when the choose and buy of children furniture technique, then to take everyone to know about the children furniture of choose and buy of common skills. A recruit: the material of furniture to environmental protection first before we buy furniture to look at the instruction of furniture and furniture quality inspection report, if it is a simple testing, or testing, including paint to ensure environmental protection when signing the sales contract to write clearly. Had better choose glue dosage less furniture, the formaldehyde content is relatively low. The second recruit: furniture not to too high a child is very naughty, so probably climbed to the top table or chair, and then jump down from above, so easily into the or touched, so we in the choice when had better choose shorter furniture, and furniture to be stable, otherwise children don't be a drag or walk was hit or fall into, that is bad. Three recruit: if the Angle of the rounded design furniture we buy small table small stools are rounded corners best design, so that can guarantee the safety of the children, and the drawer inside the table had better have damper, can very good sealing, and chest hydraulic buffer should be the best, so that in time will not be clip to the children. Child room is best not to place the mirror at the same time, the child so naughty, not carefully may be the mirror the whole break, then make yourself hurt. Fourth recruit: bed bar clearance in 7 cm is the best our best children bed bed bar gap not too big, can avoid stuck head or hands, cause unnecessary damage. And 7 cm is reached international security testing safety standards.

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