By the quality of furniture can be seen from what aspects

by:KNK     2020-08-13

now a wide range of furniture furniture market, the quality of the furniture and the good and bad are intermingled, when we are choosing how to discern the stand or fall of quality furniture? You say in what ways can see furniture quality. First: if the tank is kind of furniture we basically see the cabinet put oneself in another's position of furniture is loose, tenon combination of parts is strong, and have broken tenon, broken material. Second: when buying furniture we can touch the surface of the furniture, the furniture of the moisture content is high, too high may lead to the quality of our furniture is not very good, easy to mould, etc. Third: buy furniture in depends on materials, serious unreasonable furniture material quality is not good, such as the use of particle board, medium density do chest door panel, pillar and bearing parts can't choose. Fourth: have a glass of furniture should pay attention to whether has grown two millimeters glass plate with nails do consignment, if it is not good furniture, because the nails do consignment of glass furniture easily to shatter and endanger personal safety. Fifth: we want to look at the size of the furniture is in accordance with the size of the furniture we need, only the size of the furniture, right when we buy back to be more appropriate. Sixth: if leather furniture, must see real leather material is good, the touch is very comfortable, and very comfortable to sit on, at the same time the springback ability is very good.

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