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Buy children furniture need to pay attention to what problem

by:KNK     2020-08-24

when buying children furniture to need to pay attention to what issues? Let's look at the issue to consider when buying children furniture. 1, the material children furniture had better choose environmental protection material, and children furniture lacquer must also pay attention to, such as UV painting process is very environmentally friendly. 2, shape, the shape of children furniture edges must be smooth, without sharp feeling, this can be avoided kepeng to children, and children furniture put must smooth solid, for the brittle article such as glass, do not appear in the children's room. 3, children don't choose the color of the furniture color is too bright, generally the more gorgeous colors contain harmful substances, so it's best to give the child to choose is the color of sweet and comfortable at the same time also not appear drab. 4, the safety design of children furniture should conform to the principle of human body engineering, it helps the child's healthy growth.

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