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Bo luoni girls custom sofa 1 donation insects. 60000 drop hammer added torch for charity

by:KNK     2020-09-07
September 4,
the BAZZAR star charity night, sina weibo and sina home, library, Share the auction platform) Cross-border teamed up to build 'for love eternal love share
' launch day 60, 2017 online charity deeds color to play groups CEO Tang Xuebin, bo luoni household initiative and CEO of girls, 'blue and white' shui yun pioneer Xu Zhen, actor Yin Zheng, Deng Lun, xue-yi liu and five dou view host luo heart long eight social celebrities from all walks of life to join. Softly, foshan sofa factory, most of people as soon as possible when the household group pioneered bo luoni of people shooting at 12:30 and CEO Mr Bo luoni of donations and Italian designer girls Francisco. Bana help more customised version parlour sofa of insects. Bo luoni household groups initiative and CEO girls girls, 'fighting' in garjier prototype, creative imagination, is known as 'cross-border devil of a genius'. First person from the college board ye to the Chinese kitchen utensils and appliances, foshan metal furniture customization, he creates the cobalt, titanium, bo luoni Mach three of the world's top household brands, in 2008 he return to the national art, pioneering planning a set of opera, galleries, restaurants, home to one of the top Chinese club - — Nine dynasties, is also the first private kunqu foshan summer. At the same time, the girls are extremely sound sensitive angels, landgent investment and set up more than 20 Internet companies. Donated by 12:30, Mr Girls with the Italian designer Francisco bo luoni. Bana insects help more customized version of the guest room on the sofa is just inspire fit, suction eye level is breathtaking. Pass by 16 rounds of competition, custom furniture factory in foshan software, finally this chic items with the value of 16000 yuan by netizens '- 7196 Fish 'landgent photographed! This by Francisco. Of the sofa design combination, will the insect world held a perfect show, if careful investigation, even invented them every black spots, each color, each tiny hub, is elaborate for retention and reproduction. Mr Girls bring us not only only is a set of fine household articles for use, through the Angle of the emerging designer shows at the same time, the earth in the animal kingdom the smallest category - — Insects have different characteristics and charm of natural life makes the world so more rich and thick. Charity in the heart, focusing on the line, to appreciate the generosity of Mr Girls again. Followed online charitable deeds of host, we see the society from all walks of life with love and responsibility to adhere to, let us together as setting a charitable effort, on public welfare strength! ( The text/sina household Zhang Xin)

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