Avoid the consumer to buy trap good furniture

by:KNK     2020-08-07

now the good and evil people mixed up of furniture market, furniture quality is uneven, and some furniture also has serious defects in the market, let the consumer being fooled, thus cheated, so what are the consumption trap in the our daily life? How do we avoid? Let's talk about our common pitfalls.

avoid consumer to buy trap good furniture

a trap: the use of material is inferior

now a lot of business & other Hang sheep head sell vinegar & throughout; Deceive consumers, the use of inferior furniture is good wood. Used without drying, and the base material of eat by moth, such furniture of moisture content on the high side, easy to cause deformation or cracking after furniture products. With decayed or bug eat by moth after furniture made of wood, can appear serious furniture to collapse.

trap 2: material mixing

because in the process of production will be carried out on the surface of man-made board furniture cover processing, no matter what material surface looks are the same, so some manufacturer use man-made board in a conspicuous place, only in the less visible place will use other cheaper materials, such as formaldehyde release a quantity more big core board.

trap 3: in the process of making furniture jerry

because it is man-made board, board type furniture are used in the process of making glue adhesion agent, so it is very sensitive to water, so to make a face and sealing side, like this can have very good waterproof, prevent craze of furniture, but to cut corners, some manufacturer in plate junction of sealing side processing, so that made furniture will burst, under the influence of water at the same time, the formaldehyde of man-made board in the production process is released.

these are often seen in our life in the trap, in furniture of choose and buy when we must say hello to manufacturers are material and brand, and at the time of purchase must make its all indicated in the contract, do not write one sentence and samples, so our contract is binding, and we really deceived when also can have the rights of place.

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