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As a first-class furniture color stainless steel screen can now

by:KNK     2020-10-16
As an important part of traditional furniture, screen has a long history. Color stainless steel screen display in general indoor prominently, space, landscaping, wind and coordination effect. It acted with classic furniture mutual reflect, akira, one integrated mass, become a whole furniture decoration can not be separated, and presents a kind of harmonious beauty, quiet beauty. Modern color stainless steel screen is called 'stainless steel checkered, stainless steel partition. 'Stainless steel screen roughly divided into two kinds of process! One: choose stainless steel pipe for the base material, after welding, grinding and polishing, plating and other craft processing and become, including welding is divided into, seam welding and seamless welding machine has two, can choose according to the requirements of adornment is combined with actual situation. Second: stainless steel sheet for hollow out of stainless steel engraving screen, choose sheet as the backing material, then plasma laser engraving technology into a customer specified pattern. The most common color have bronze color stainless steel screen, rose gold, champagne gold, coffee, golden, black, and so on upscale color stainless steel screen is suitable for hotels, KTV, villas, hotels, high-grade bath center, shopping malls, movie theaters, stores. Classified by color stainless steel screen processing color stainless steel laser hollow out scores. Articles by: stainless steel metal products co. , LTD. , foshan city, screen provides, this view does not represent the home station point of an article: stainless steel screen coating note next article: stainless steel screen let household environment more comfortable
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