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Analysis on the advantages and disadvantages of stainless steel furniture function innovation

by:KNK     2020-09-11

stainless steel furniture and furniture, traditional furniture is known to all have a lot of sign function, it is also the significance of the furniture. But since ancient China began to furniture has many functions of some requirements, appearance beautiful, design concept and culture connotation, and so on to make very much. So will therefore stainless steel furniture, not only on the material change, because these people and to the functional requirement of the furniture. We believe that with the development of science and technology, stainless steel furniture on innovation will have a new height. Below we analysis together with stainless steel furniture innovation analysis on the advantages and disadvantages of stainless steel furniture function of innovation and the advantages and disadvantages analysis about the function of the stainless steel furniture, mainly reflected in the unique stainless steel material performance. And this kind of unique material properties after machining process presents a unique visual effect, improve the visual function of furniture. Applied to stainless steel furniture in the stainless steel material is stainless steel elements or generally is given priority to with stainless steel elements with stainless steel properties of materials. The performance of the stainless steel material generally divided into process performance and operational performance. The former refers to the stainless steel materials in the process of being, under the cold and hot working conditions of performance. The latter refers to the mechanical parts under the condition of use, the performance of the stainless steel materials shows. Can make full use of the adaptive process performance difference between stainless steel material, the pros and cons of using performance, choose the right means of processing, design a unique style of furniture. For pure stainless steel furniture, this kind of furniture because of the impact on the normal visual function, and attract people's attention. As shown in figure 1, 2, these two pieces of furniture are mesh design, generally give a person the visual perception of 'mesh' form is the symbol of 'soft', usually associated with fabric together, but the stainless steel material is overturned people routine psychological feelings. Fully embodies the stainless steel material of aesthetic feeling, is the perfect combination of strength and toughness, and process performance rain drops to the subtle show. Because the stainless steel material physical properties of luster, texture and cold hardness is very big, so the stainless steel often give a person the psychological suggestion, 'cold' and then there are stainless steel materials and warm wood texture, fabric, etc material collocation, to counteract the 'cold' visual psychology. Now because the stainless steel furniture factory haphazard, but also because most of them are in error, so the vast majority of stainless steel furniture basically no innovation, some just wooden furniture modelling, made of stainless steel. Processing capacity in and do not pass, so also often appear product quality problem. When we were in selecting stainless steel furniture factory, try to understand the processing capacity, including but not limited to, factory power, sample display, the quality control and so on.

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