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All aluminum furniture burn also condition the surface after a long period of time

by:KNK     2020-09-10

LinQu full aluminium bookcase custom much money because the focus so professional company all original material by guangdong famous brand aluminum customized production, furniture is special material, zui high quality control, high-end equipment construction, the quality and 99% of the market profile class sense of separation at a glance. Company has a large number of furniture profiles and accessories inventory, the whole house custom from confirm to installation zui fast 1 day time, guarantee the customer purchase the formaldehyde-free fashion and durable furniture. Whole bookcase in recent years, the full aluminium household is like a sharp don't yell or horse 'dark horse', with its good quality full aluminium household zero chun, healthy environmental protection, the advantages of the fire insect-resistant, tolerated, slowly by industry and sector consumer cognition, the design of the whole aluminum household using modular thinking, manufacturing scale general household member, again through the adjacent pieces combination room home products, installation of portable, save work time saving, and can be repeatedly disassembling the migration. Little imagine, all aluminum home advantage of punishment based on deep processing technology, the main processing of aluminum household punish all craft: sandblasting sand blasting is recycling compressed atmosphere, to form a high speed injection beam will punish artifacts appearance, high speed jet to need to handle the whole aluminum furniture appearance appearance or shape change. Sand blasting in engineering and technology has the very strong application in appearance, foshan sofa factory, such as: improve the adhesive viscosity, decontamination, looks after the optimization of machining burrs, looks matte handle punishment. Is well-balanced and efficient than manual grinding sand blasting process, the main point of the stainless steel handle punishment, make the produce low-key, durable characteristic. Whole bookcase full aluminium household's main processing punishment process: 1, wire drawing, metal wire drawing is repeated use sand paper to aluminum plate scraping the qualification of the whole aluminum furniture manufacturing process. Drawing can be divided into straight line wire drawing, wire drawing, rotary lines wiredrawing, thread drawing. Metal wire drawing process, can be clearly revealed, every tiny silk mark, so that the metallic matte is the hair of precision, let whole aluminum household have both fashion and technology. 2, specular cutting recycling carved machine will diamond knife reinforcement in carved machine spindle of high-speed cutting parts, local highlighted area in whole aluminum household appearance. Cutting the brightness of the specular highlights the influence of the milling bit rate, the faster the bit cutting the brighter the specular, conversely, the more dark and prone to grain, recycling highlights the milling process, combined with the anodic oxidation and makes the whole aluminum wire drawing process can be full of fashionable feeling whole household with science and technology of sharp feeling. Anodic oxidation is refers to the electrochemical oxidation of metal or alloy, aluminium and its alloys in the corresponding electrolyte and specific process conditions, under the impregnation of impressed current, in the whole process of a layer of oxide film is formed on aluminum household. Aluminum anodic oxidation can not only deal with the defects of appearance, hardness, wear resistance, etc, and can delay the using life of the aluminum and strengthen regards degree, has become a cost-effective full aluminium processing punishment process not a necessary part of household, hotel furniture, is today zui widely used and is joy into the process. The interests of the whole bookcase full aluminium bookcase: raw material ring bao fit all aluminium household aluminum profile with layout, zero - formaldehyde material, can be accepted valuation with the material, is also a country vigorously aggressively advocate the use of the material, it also referred to as the 'peace of mind of the whole aluminum household products. Excellent heat resistant to moisture is 1. Water proofing property is good, Can be put in more) Full aluminium household consists of aluminium profile layout, afraid of water, KTV furniture, can indirectly flush and clean sanitation, never rot. Shou in other household products to it is waterproof and moistureproof, and aluminum need not to be affected with damp be affected with damp waterproof headache, so the advantage of aluminum household products show no doubt. 3. In recent years, fire prevention against burning, traditional household products are also trying to study home fire, and obtain yi consequences. Full aluminium household products to be a notch above, have very strong heat function, do experiment can endure hundreds of degrees Celsius temperature not crushed. Even after the whole light on its, after burning for a long time also is its appearance, subdued the general plate can't afford to burn shortcomings. Fire fierce in tiger, cranking the winter, fire frequency, fire each link to prepare.

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