According to Taiwan 'e-paper' freedom 27 reports quoted

by:KNK     2020-09-06

the original title: American scholar wrote claimed to have 'beauty should help Taiwan defend itself', can make use of a military base!
Brian ( Data diagram)
  [ The world network comprehensive report] In June last year, the senate armed services committee passed a consents the warship dock port of Taiwan's decision on schedule, and home to the United States people are 'more', starts talking to help Taiwan defend itself. Former vice minister Stephen defense business peaceful policy. Brian ( Stephen Bryen) 's day in the Asia times wrote that the United States should start thinking about 'help Taiwan defend itself' strategy, everything with Taiwan weapon, promote 'us-taiwan involvement', compete with China. 'E-paper' freedom '
in Taiwan, 27, quoted, Brian mentioned in the article, Taiwan during a crisis in 1996, he was met with the delegation in Taiwan. Brian said, 'when experience is very dangerous; Still concerned '. If not be the support of the United States, the probability of 'Taiwan to through the crisis is small', and 'at that time, the Taiwan's air force and navy forces, is much more powerful than the moment'.
Brian said, metal furniture factory, China is making increasing 'threat' of Japan, Taiwan, the foshan furniture factory, launch the United States 'from the beginning of thinking and the formation of a tactic to Taiwan'. F - parables, provide Taiwan 35, or F - 15 se stealth aircraft, submarines and missiles to prevent, such as 'thad or SM3 missile prevent system', because of the existing patriot PAC - 3 systems, hotel sofa, has not apply advanced ballistic missile 'in response to the mainland.
in addition to arms sales to Taiwan, Brian also declared that need to be 'us-taiwan involvement' as a major change. Should joint is a set of measures, 'let the United States can perhaps in any crisis or nervous environment, use of' Taiwan's air force base, so that the acquaintance to the mainland, 'America will help Taiwan defend itself.
in fact, last year by the senate armed services committee will dock in Taiwan port decisions, consents the warship on the island green medium was secretly pleased 'ship to enter the port', 'the mainland to mad. At the time, the Taiwan news bud xiao-guang ma had to respond, we resolute stop hold any form of official contacts with Taiwan and America and military approach, decisive block U. S. weapons sales to Taiwan by any kneading word, any XieYangZiChong, crush Taiwan back the same way, you will eat.
China's envoy to the United States Li Kexin December 8 last year also hinted in a lecture, he told the American lawmakers said the rally, 'I think I should be grateful for your American partner', China didn't have time to time to use 'the broken country laws,' if the United States sent ships were past Taiwan, started the 'anti burst country laws'. I report to you, the American warship arrived in kaohsiung, is I the people's liberation army force unification.

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