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A site fire suspected ChaoYangMenWai when welding sparks old furniture

by:KNK     2020-08-17

15 yesterday about 30 points, xi 'an ChaoYangMenWai changle road half lane layer 7 working site of a layer of the fire, and smoke rolling was blue glass walls from a parcel of shot out of the building, and half lane is a dead end highway, many after seeing a fire near the village, running to escape. And according to the scene a knowledge worker, the time will be about 15 when 30 points of the fire, when he was upstairs construction, suddenly saw a layer of put old tables and chairs on fire, then you with a fire extinguisher is trying to put the fire out, but I didn't think fire is more and more. Participate in fire workers said, such as put the sofa is a sponge cushion flammable and spray with a fire extinguisher is doesn't work, the fire soon spread out of control. 15 around 53 points, a call the jurisdiction of fire control, public security, JieBan departments have been rushed to the scene to rescue. And it is understood that the cause of the fire is likely to be 2 workers during welding operations, accidentally fell off the Mars will clutter ignited the fire. After confirm the fire did not cause people trapped, present golden flower road fire fighters request support on the one hand, on the one hand, pull the hose to the building. Soon, east street, HuaQing east road fire squadron showed up one after another. After half an hour, finally the fire under control. Glad, no casualties at the scene, as for the cause of the fire and damage to property, is still under investigation to verify the relevant authorities.

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