A good winter environment for furniture

by:KNK     2020-08-02

furniture is the necessary items in our house, it makes our life become more neatly and not messy. However, the service life of furniture of if we want to keep it well, then we will need to maintenance of furniture, tone is in the winter, more well for its maintenance, to furniture is a good environment for the winter. So how do winter maintenance furniture?

to furniture is a good winter environment

in the first place because of the cold weather in winter, home will have central heating, so we need to put furniture is far away from the heat, prevent craze of furniture. We want to avoid furniture is exposed to the sun for a long time, it also will make the wooden furniture cracking and even can cause local faded or wood ageing. So we are in the winter to give best furniture to do a good job of moisturizing, so furniture can be very good maintenance, if too dry in the winter, we had better use humidifier to guarantee to the humidity.

then we want for furniture wax regularly, it will form a protective layer on the face of the furniture, thereby blocking dust infiltration, and more convenient to clean. But we'd better not use oily when cleaning detergent, can be gently wiped with warm tea.

then we have to be lock water treatment to furniture, we can choose special lock water care, to lock the moisture in furniture, prevent loss of furniture in the water too quickly, so as to maintain the role of the furniture.

the final is in the usual when we want to avoid hard scratch furniture items, and at the time of cleaning to avoid our clean the furniture items, if we need to move furniture must take put down gently, don't drag, to prevent loss of furniture.

through these maintenance methods as we know, only in the open air is the best furniture.

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