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2018 LeMeiShang take you into the intelligent household custom and humane design

by:KNK     2020-09-05
On January 18th,
& other; Intelligent household custom and humanity in dealing with the design of the fusion tour & throughout; Special LeMeiShang design director cloud over the Milky Way's third space cautious on the second floor. The deeds by LeMeiShang intelligence lives in shenzhen, shenzhen association of interior designers connecting host, A963 design network ( Shenzhen station) Co-host. Mr LeMeiShang smart home first person Shao Shuai, A963 design network ( Shenzhen station) Manager Tan Juan Smith led by such important and from design, household, intelligent technology such as the size of the industry elite and experts to attend this business deals. Smart home early to enter the market remains the same calm when no smell, most consumers do not know what is a smart home, mostly followed the concept of Internet of things with, now, intelligent household become hot. In advocate humanistic design today at this time, intelligent household custom and humanity in dealing with the design of fusion is particularly important, villas residential, hotel clubs, business building everywhere & other; Intelligent & throughout; Figure. LeMeiShang smart home first person Shao Shuai LeMeiShang Mr Smart home first person Shao Shuai in 'intelligent household custom and humanity in dealing with the design of fusion journey to share that LeMeiShang as smart home integration experts, in accordance with the nature of customer requirement, provide solution for customer put forward the relevant and make customer feel the unprecedented experience and the difference between a lot of fun, and to provide comfortable, convenient, serene, healthy living situation, it is intelligent household custom way. From a humanistic perspective, the smart home based on wages, communicate feelings, committed to the mouth, smart home and interior design mission is the promotion of living quality, the user through a small integrated control panel, grasps the science and technology, grasp the mouth, at the same time create a more beautiful future. Shenzhen redstone villa design company joint venture/design institute director Song Jiulong shenzhen redstone villa design company joint venture/design institute director Mr Song Jiulong by degrees enjoy & other; Hubei modern villa case & throughout; Many cases, such as hotel sofa, enrich the humanistic design and the unity and the application of the smart home, all inside the space smart home has been integrated into a control panel, by integrating control panel, control of indoor whole home intelligent security systems, lighting, sound, etc. , both and fast. He suggests that interior design not only to consider intelligent, still need to consider soft outfit, such ability make designs more modern aesthetic and satisfied the needs of customers. Since design is derived from mouth, also more than the mouth, as designers cannot behind closed doors, meditation, dared to go out and foshan sofa factory, how to exchange, foshan metal furniture customization, to study more. Intelligence is a product of growth of science and technology, but smart home products and doing things yourself still exist many don't apply, whether the owner remains the same designer, met and the application of smart home is stagger. Method for growth of the smart home means human mouth is bound to change, we don't have to isolate, arbitrary enjoy science and technology brings us convenience, but also a keen perception of the world to save people. The best designer rush dialogue link, from Shenzhen redstone villa design company design partners/design institute director Song Jiulong, LeMeiShang smart home first person Shao Shuai, vita space design company design director/initiative Zhu Junxiang, Shenzhen Mingdiao Decoration Co. , ltd. design director Yang Mingzhao, Shenzhen design institute director Xu Shiguan one done in groups, name carved dandi design institute design director, mt blues Decoration design engineering ( Shenzhen) Co. , LTD. , shenzhen translation cut design firm in its pioneering Shen Huajie, director of the shenzhen design institute of design in the decoration group headquarters Huang Li design co. , LTD. , shenzhen three pen design director Lu Hongxu cooperate well on the dialogue. From left: Lu Hongxu, Shen Huajie, Huang Li, Xu Shiguan, Zhu Junxiang, Song Jiulong, Shao Shuai, Yang Mingzhao, mt, its in its: artificial intelligence and interior design with the owner. Experience of human civilization from god to believe itself, which is the voice of the heart function itself, humanism has urged human civilization forward growth. Artificial intelligence is the wealth of science and technology, enjoy the technology bring convenient at the same time, we also want to save people keen perception of the world. Zhu Junxiang: I fight complete intelligent household system since 2007, more than a decade focus results no big transformation, each doing scenes, many brands are doing the system and product itself, is not compatible with each other. So in general, intelligent household the lack of an open platform, the second is that the nature of the project. Smart systems will be more and more open and compatible, in the next five years will be rapid growth, some brands should put down some benefits, cooperate on a platform.

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