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201 stainless steel furniture can use how long?

by:KNK     2020-07-23

the main stainless steel furniture stainless steel raw materials adopted by the majority of 201 stainless steel and 304 stainless steel two kinds, and the two different materials of 201 stainless steel because the price is cheap, so use a little more.
cheap for a reason, of course, is the 201 stainless steel is better than 304 stainless steel furniture use of life is short, and the more simple by corrosion and rust. Of course, after all, belongs to a type of stainless steel, while the more simple rust, but relative to iron or other metal using the stature is still to be longer, but specific time is still going through the analysis of the raw materials to know that.
the use of 201 stainless steel furniture taking normal condition in normal circumstances will not rust, 4, 5 years but use time long will render the surface vague, the status of the texture variation.
if outdoor in some coastal cities, the rust will be faster. Because these places of air is humid, if placed in the sea by seawater immersion, the composition of seawater with alkaline corrosion, will be formed in a short moment of 201 stainless steel furniture rust.
so if you want to use taking longer some 201 stainless steel furniture, claims placed in indoor use, and to keep the product less as far as possible in daily life and some soup, acid alkaline detergents and other corrosive goods contact.
in general the use of 201 stainless steel furniture stature associated with using environment, environment more dry non-corrosive objects, using life is longer.
so advocate you if want to have a longer using 201 stainless steel furniture become old, yea, just try to place it in the environment of some good use. And many 304 stainless steel furniture is good, so if you are placed in the outdoor, perhaps use environment is not very good, as far as possible choose 304 stainless steel furniture.

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